・Do Yoshisada's knives rust?
To ensure easy-use in home kitchens, Yoshisada's knives are made from material resistant to rust.
・Can Yoshisada's knives be re-sharpened?
We offer sharpening services.
Please refer to the sharpening services' page for details.
・Can Yoshisada's knives be sharpened by oneself?
Yes, they can.
However, we recommend sending them in for professional sharpening once a year for long-lasting sharpness.
・When is the store's opening hours?
Shichijyo store's opening hours are from 10am to 5pm. (Closed during the holidays, etc.)
・Is it possible to ship oversea?
We are sorry, but this shop does not support overseas shipping. If you use the forwarding service, an overseas shipping professional will deliver the products.
<Information on forwarding service>
TENSO COM https://www.tenso.com/en
TENSO JAPAN https://www.tensojapan.com/en
BAGGAGE FORWARD https://www.baggageforward.co.jp/en/

What is forwarding service?
・Purchaser must obtain a Japanese address by forwarding service
・Please use the acquired address to place an order (https://yoshisada.thebase.in
・We will deliver safely from the forwarding service warehouse to your destination.