Sharpening Services

Please use our sharpening services(with charge) for re-sharpening knives and other cutlery. Items will each be sharpened by craftsmen and handled with care. In the past, we have revieved orders from various fields —professional chefs, food manufacturers, garment factories, gardeners, etc., with items ranging from knives, sewing scissors, gardening scissors, clippers, tinman's shears, chisels, plane irons, industrial food processors, machine blades, and cutting machines. We accept chipped items as well as non-Yoshisada knives.

※Maintenance requests are accepted only from Japan.
◎Sharpening prices:
Knife length less than 150mm-------------------------¥880(tax included)
Knife length 150mm~210mm ----------¥1,100(tax included)
Knife length 210mm~270mm----------¥1,320(tax included)
Knife length 270mm~330mm----------¥1,650(tax included)
(Knive length=the straight-line length from the blade's chin to the blade's tip)

Sewing scissors---------------------------------------¥1,320〜(tax included)
Gripping scissors-------------------------------------¥880〜 (tax included)
Flower scissors------------------------------------------¥1,100〜(tax included)
KItchen scissors----------------------------------¥1,100〜 (tax included)
Pruning scissors---------------------------------------¥1,320(tax included)
Trimming scissors---------------------------------¥1,980〜(tax included)
Chisels---------------------------------------¥440〜 (tax included)
Outdoor knives/hatchets(same price αs knives)Axes (knife price+440 yen(tax included))

Additional fees may be charged according to the item's condition. Items other than the ones mentioned above can also be sharpened. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
◎How to order / Holding period

・By Visit
Please bring the item directly to our factory or to our Shichijo shore. When doing so, please wrap the item in newspaper or something alike. We will contact you once the item has been sharpened.

Holding period
Factory (Kumiyama, Kyoto) 2~5 days Access
Shichijo store(Higashiyama, Kyoto)7~10 days  Access

・By Post
Please send the item by post. We accept postage nationwide. Your sharpened item will be sent back to the return address within seven to ten days after arriving at our factory.

❶ Please attach a memo with the follwing information when sending your item.
① Name
② Postal code
③ Address
④ Phone number
⑤ Type and number of items
⑥ Payment method
Cash on delivery or payment to bank account (Payment to back account unlesss otherwise specified)
⑦ Please inform us if you have any preferences in regard to how you would like your item to be sharpened.
(Example:  Please sharpen until the blade is thin, since I only use it for cutting soft material. Please sharpen it so the blade won't chip when cutting hard material. etc.) If there are no requests, we will sharpen it by a method most fit for the item.

❷ Please pack the item and send it to the following address.
Advance notice is unnecessary unless the item is extremely particular.

82-1 Shinkaichi Sayama, Kusegun Kumiyamacho, Kyoto 613-0034 Japan
Phone number 0774-44-0748 Yoshisada Knives

We recommend using "letter pack light" postage. (Other postage methods are accepted.) "Letter pack light" envelopes can be purchased for 370 yen at post offices and several convenience stores such as "Lawson."
When sending knives, please take them out of the boxes and wrap them in newspaper, taking care to firmly wrap the tip of the blade first with layers. When packed neatly, a "letter pack envelope" will fit six knives (such as Santoku-knives) . In case of sewing scissors, it will fit five.
※Please take care not to exceed the thickness of 3cm. After packing, please mail your post at a post office nearby or through a post box.

❸ Items will be sent back to the return address within 7~10 days after arriving at our factory. Please conclude the payment to the designated bank account within a week after arrival. In cases of cash on delivery, please pay the delivery person upon recieving the item.

・Payment example (payment to back account)
Regular sharpening service fee + return postage fee
・1 Santoku-knife(blade length of 18cm), under 250g when packed Regular sharpening service fee 880 yen + return postage fee 250 yen (differs depending on the package size and weight) =1,130 yen (tax included)
・2 Santoku-knives(blade length of 18cm), under 250g when packed Regular sharpening service fee 880 yen ×2 + return postage fee 370 yen=2,130 yen (tax included)

Postage fees to the factory, bank transfer fees, cash on delivery fees will be paid at the customer's expense. Cash on delivery fees cost more than bank transfers fees, so the total payment will sum up to be higher.

※There are cases when we decide items are unrepairable. In these cases, the item will be returned by cash on delivery.
※Please contact us if there are any defects found upon arrival. Re-sharpening may be accepted. Re-sharpening will not be accepted for knives that have become difficult to cut with after a while of usage.
◎Knife sharpening
Our method of sharpening knives is similiar to the one carried out during the process of manufacturing knives. This results in bringing out the original sharpness of the knife. First, the knife is roughly sharpened by water-cooled sharpening wheels. Unlike grinders, the blade does not undergo high temperature, preventing the blade from losing its hardness. When sharpened with a grinder, the blade weakens due to frictional heat, and loses its sharpeness regardless of how high the quality of the knife is. Next, the knife is roughly sharpened to an ideal thickness. Many sharpening services often only sharpen the tip of the blade which causes the blade to become thick and dull. This raises the possibility of the blade to chip when used to cut hard root vegetables such as carrots. After polishing off the surface's rust and impurities, we use two types of sharpening stones before finally carefully attaching the blade.

・Please note that the handle may be slightly scraped by the sharpening wheels during the sharpening process.
・Due to the process of polishing off the rust or impurities on the surface, carved seals or patterns may fade. Please contact us in advance if you do not prefer the surface to be polished. ・If you have a specific request in regards to the shape, please inform us by writing the shape directly on the item with a permenant marker.
◎Scissor sharpening
Although sharpening methods differ between knives and scissors, craftsmen highly experienced in scissor sharpening will take on the job in consideration of the most suitable sharpening method according to the scissor's type. In case of sewing scissors, please enclose a piece of cloth you normally cut with the scissors.
We will sharpen them so they will become suitable for that specific cloth.